New Lens Bracelet – Pro Series #1

23 May 2012

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The Lens Bracelet® Pro Series #1 is finally here. Before I get into the details, I have to thanks Lens Rentals for making this whole thing possible. Without them I wouldn’t have any of the models needed in order to make these guys.  I don’t actually own over 25k in lenses. But I do own the bracelets! You should too… ;)

Order your Lens Bracelet® at

The Lens Bracelet® Pro Series #1 is made up of 10 different designs, more intricate and a bit thicker than before. I tried my hardest to break one of these things, and I couldn’t. So either I am weak as crap, or they are strong as ever. Lets go with the latter.

Five Canon based Lens Bracelets

1) The 24-70mm Pro C

2) The 50mm Pro C

3) The 35mm Pro C

4) The 70-200mm Pro C

5) The 400mm Pro C

Two Nikon based Lens Bracelets

6) The 24-70mm Pro N

7) The 70-200mm Pro N

Two Leica based Lens Bracelets

8 ) The 16-18-21mm Pro L

9) The 50mm Pro L

One Zeiss based Lens Bracelet

10) The 35mm Pro Z

The interior design on the bracelets looks like this.

We also stepped up our game packaging wise. Check it out. The Original C Series and N Series bracelets will be packaged like this as well.


That’s all I got for now! Enjoy.
Order your Lens Bracelet® at


The Author

Adam Elmakias

Adam Elmakias is a music and travel photographer based out of San Diego, California. He is available for hire worldwide. Adam has spent the good majority of the past five years of his life traveling with bands on the road. You can read about all of his travels in his blog.


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Erick Sta. Maria
Erick Sta. Maria

Just got my bracelets! The personalized card is a great touch! thanks again :-)


Good quality stuff!

16-35mm is my favorite.

By the way I am going to add this web site to my list of favorites.

Danny Nee
Danny Nee


Just got a few canon bracelets (50 and 24-70) Really well made.

Now I haven't got what you would call thick wrists by any stretch of the imagination, but I find them kinda tight, can I suggest a few more mm in in length.


16-35mm – my favorite too

Yair Haim
Yair Haim

So cool! I think you should make it for the 16-35mm - my favorite ;-)

Jon Goings
Jon Goings

How about a Canon 85mm Pro, the f1.2 L?


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