My GoPro POV while photographing a concert + how to  

March 16th, 2012

Ever wonder what it’s like to shoot a band, on stage, in front of 55,000 people? Well, here ya go. I attached a GoPro to the end of my Canon 24-70′s lens hood and filmed my day of shooting. I am not a great video editor by any means, but the content is there!

To see all the photos from this shoot, check out this blog

The response to the video has been pretty solid, so I plan on doing more. People have been asking how to put the GoPro on their camera, it’s pretty easy! But here is a step by step guide on what I do.

first attach this GoPro attachment to the top of your hood

your GoPro should snap on nice

You will need some gaffers tape

an incredibly small amount, maybe half this

put it on your lens, right where the threading is for the hood

ta da

it’s okay if it bunches up, just as long as it’s snug

ta da! now you are ready to conquer the planet

  • Ola Gytri

    Tnx for posting that video! Awesome =)

  • Aaron Frey

    You always keep your lens blacked out like that? To not attract attention from kleptos?

  • Adam Elmakias

    Yea, mostly just to make it look a little crappier. I just like to have everything black haha.

  • Vinh Luong

    Cool dude! I notice you upload and update a lot of content and you seem to be on the road a lot with tons of things happening all the time. How do you find time to upload, edit and update while still keeping it timely? Kind of struggling with that right now.

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  • Perry De Gennaro

    Hey Adam, I had been meaning to start using my GoPro like this for a while and seeing your blog post and video made me a little more proactive about it! But I didnt like the idea of mounting it on the end of my lens so I found this little hot-shoe to 1/4 tripod thread adaptor. So now, I mount my GoPro from my 7D’s hot shoe and get a cool ‘down the lens’ view of what i’m shooting. Follow the link and have a look :) Only issue is, I can’t use this when I’m using a speedlite or my Pocketwizards.

  • Gary Horne

    What did you use to get your images so crisp, especially the one of the man with his finger on his lips. “Ssshh”
    Beautiful images.

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  • jameson

    get the yongnuo sync cord. it lets you put on two attachments, one on each end of the cord. that paired with a custom bracket for the speedlite will give you soooo many more options.